A 3-member UWP delegation visits the President’s Office, demanding the removal of the PM from office


The Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has taken their fight for democracy one step further, when a three-member delegation comprising of Opposition Leader, Honourable Hector John, UWP Leader Mr. Ron Green and UWP Senator Ronnie Isidore visited the President’s Office on Tuesday February 08th, 2011, with the sole purpose of requesting the removal of the Prime Minister from Office.


UWP’s Senator Mr. Ronnie Isidore says the latest information which has been circulating in the media over the past few days, with respect to what he described as “the willful and corrupt assumption of the Office of the Prime Minister under the false pretense by Mr. Skerrit” is sufficient reason to call for the removal of Honourable Roosevelt Skerit from the Office of the Prime Minister.


He says while the President has indicated to them that any action taken by him may interfere with the pending court case surrounding the issue, they will continue to lay out the foundation for him by letting him know, that notwithstanding the fact that the matter is before the courts, as President of Dominica, he still has the power to remove the Prime Minister from office, having realized that he assumed it under false pretense.


Isidore, who believes that their reasons for requesting the removal of the Prime Minister from Office by the President is valid and sound, says they successfully presented their case to the President, who promised to re-read the constitution and respond to them through a formal letter.


Late last week, copies of letters written by Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit and Petter Saint Jean to the French Embassy requesting the embassy  to renounce their French citizenship, were published in the media.

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