A $3.6 million dollars new Police Station to be built in Grand Bay


The Government of Dominica held a Ground Breaking Ceremony for the construction of new Police Station in the community of Grand Bay, on Wednesday August 11th, 2010. The project which is being financed by the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica consists of two components, namely, the main Police Station building and the Inspector’s Quarters, both to be constructed at a total cost of $3,697,131.95. While giving an overview of the project, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Felix Gregoire said that the new Police Station represents Government’s response to the need to provide an appropriate facility for Police Officers serving the community of Grand Bay, and its surroundings.


‘The original Police Station was vacated in 2000, since the dilapidated building was no longer able to function as a Police Station. For the past ten years the Police Officers were accommodated in less than comfortable physical space, in undertaking their duties towards the proper management of crime which is critical to national security. The move to a rental property did not address the problem of adequate space required to carry out the functions and duties involved in law enforcement. Current living quarters are cramped thereby, negatively affecting officers’ morale and effectiveness. The presence of female officers in the community is restricted due to lack of appropriate accommodation for them,’ said that Cabinet Secretary.


Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Bay Constituency Honourable Justina Charles said that the Ground Breaking Ceremony marks a historic moment in the lives of Grand Bay residents and its surrounding communities, who have been patiently awaiting the construction of such a facility, for many years.


Parliamentary Representative for the neighboring Petite Savanne Constituency, Honourable Dr. Kenneth Darroux said that despite turbulent global financial times and the Opposition attempts to discredit the Government, they will continue to deliver to the citizens of Dominica who have given them an overwhelming mandate at the last general elections.


Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Dominica, Mrs. Carmen Martinez De Grijalva said that the construction of a new Police Station in the community of Grand Bay has always been one of the dreams of Former Prime Minister deceased Pierre Charles.


A contract for the construction of the new Police Station was signed with a local community-based construction firm, R&L Construction Ltd of Pichelin in June 2010. The project is expected to start immediately after the Ground Breaking Ceremony, creating employment opportunities for approximately 35 individuals including Sub Contractors for a period of sixty-six (66) weeks. The new Police Station building will also form part of a wider administrative block, which will include the new Fire Station and the local Magistrate’s Court.


Upon completion, the Police Force of the Southern Division will see immediate improvements through; cost savings due to the elimination of rental fees, reduction in transfer of prisoners from Grand Bay to Roseau, increase in number of Officers available at peak times, such as Carnival, provision of adequate space to accommodate female officers and separate accommodation for the area inspector.

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