A Bagatelle man fined $ 65,000 for drug-related offences

The drug squad unit under the Dominica police force is sending a strong message to persons involved in the cultivation and sale of illegal drugs that they will not waver in their efforts to capture drug offenders and bring them to justice.


This call came after David Thomas of Bagatelle was slapped with a $ 65,000 fine at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on Monday, January 31st, 2011.


Following a search on Thomas’ premises, the police seized 19,000 grams (42 pounds) of compressed marijuana, two rounds of 12-guage ammunition and one spent shell of a 7.6 ammunition.


Thomas, who was not a holder of a license for the firearm, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis, possession of cannabis with intent to supply and possession of ammunition, before Magistrate Candia George on Monday.


Police Public Relations Officer, inspector Claude Weekes says his fines are to be paid in two phases, or he will face a jail term.


Inspector Weekes says the police will continue to partner with various agencies like the drug abuse prevention unit to combat the prevalence of illegal substances in Dominica.


He says another concern is the increased use and abuse of alcohol, especially among the youth.


According to him, the use and abuse of alcohol by minors is a mounting issue for the police force.


According to the last report released by the National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit, the most abused drug in Dominica is alcohol.


Again, parents, shopkeepers and bartenders are reminded that alcohol should not be sold to minors, at any time.

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