A call made for a ban in un-healthy foods at Dominican schools

While many regional and international countries are implementing new health strategies to decrease the mortality rates of persons who succumb to chronic non communicable diseases, one activist is calling for a ban on un-healthy foods sold to children.


Father Franklyn Cuffy, who has been one of the campaigners on the Dominica Cancer Society, says that many of the health problems that plague human beings today, stems from the unhealthy foods that we eat.


In light of this fact, he is calling for a ban on unhealthy foods being sold to children at the various primary and secondary schools, across the island.


Father Cuffy says that while the Dominica Cancer Society continues to be concerned about the increased number of cancer-related deaths, they are also concerned about the prevalence of non communicable diseases, especially obesity in children.


He sounded a call to parents to do all in their power to model a healthy lifestyle, so that their children can follow.


The Dominica Cancer Society has been undertaking a number of activities over the years, to encourage Dominicans to exercise and eat healthier.


Apart from staging a number of health walks, they are also championing the use of the hula hoop, as a form of exercise for both children and adults.

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