A child sexual abuse survey to be conducted at secondary schools in Dominica

A call has been made for parents and guardians to pay more attention to the welfare of their children or those left in their care, especially as it relates to child sexual abuse.


This call came from the Regional Coordinator of generation of opportunities, Ms Rhoda St John.


St John said that the matter came to the fore after ex-porn star Danielle Williams visited Dominica, where she held talks with secondary school students on the island about violence, drug and sexual abuse.


Since then, concerns have been raised after the organization started conducting surveys at secondary schools.


Ms St John said that while the statistical division has confirmed that nothing is wrong with the survey, they have instructed her to discontinue it now and continue after the national census is complete.


Ms St John says Miss Williams’ visit has brought many issues to the fore, especially child sexual abuse which is a major concern for the organization.


She says that parents and guardians should take note that many Dominican youth are hurting, and need immediate help.


She says the culture o

f silence which exists among the general public is proving to be a major challenge for child protection agencies in curbing the increase of child sexual abuse cases.


Her advice to parents and guardians is to be role models for their children, while at the same time building and maintaining an excellent relationship with their children.


Many persons have condemned the survey saying that the questions are ‘too harsh’ and that parents’ permission should be sought first.

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