A French national who was lost on the boiling trail rescued after spending three nights in the wild


A French national Rouyrre Maxime, 27, who was lost on the boiling lake trail sometimes last week, has been found by a search and rescue team.

Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Claude Weekes said that Rouyrre, who arrived in Dominica on November 13th, 2010 to explore the island after reading about it on the internet, began his trek on November 15th, where he visited Scottshead, before using the Waitukubuli National Trail from Morne Prosper to get to the Valley of Desolation and then to the boiling lake.


Unfortunately, on his way back from the boiling lake, the French national strayed from the path.


According to Inspector Weekes, Rouyrre who is an engineer then followed a stream which led him to a huge waterfall.


Luckily, he was able to contact his girlfriend in France via telephone, who then contacted the French authorities who alerted the French council here, before deploying a helicopter which arrived in Dominica on Saturday.


Inspector Weekes said “Rouyrre was discovered between Grand Fond and Morne Jaune, within the vicinity of the Fresh Water Lake, where he spent three (3) nights and a quarter of a day wandering in  the cold, misty forest.”


The Police PRO commended the French authorities as well as the Dominica Police Force, the Fire and Ambulance Services Department and the Forestry Division for their joint effort in the search and rescue operation.


Upon his discovery, Rouyrre was transported to the Princess Margaret Hospital where he was examined by Dr. Munroe and his team.


However, despite a few infections and bruises, Rouyrre seemed to have been in good shape.

He expected to leave Dominica on November 26th, 2010 and has revealed his intention to revisit the island to continue his expedition.

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