A Ganar Graduation Ceremony

Guess Speaker, Magistrate Gloria Augustus

The Dominica Chapter of Partners of the Americas proudly graduated a total of forty-three youths on Wednesday 21st November.

These youths have been engaged in a programme over the past six months, which prepared them with the technical and life skills needed to succeed in the local skills market opening up opportunities for them, to be engaged in gainful employment which is also a first step to career development towards further education.

A Ganar is led by Partners of the Americas in 15 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

President of Partners of the Americas Dominica, Mrs. Hyacinth Ducreay explains the objective of the A Ganar programme.

The programme methodology focuses on six abilities that are key to meaningful and gainful employment: communications, respect, and focus on results, teamwork, continual self-improvement, and discipline.

These qualities are vital to any young person since it prepares them for personal development. They play a meaningful role in their country’s development and can be passed on as skills to their role models and other youths in Dominica.

The programme is funded by USAID.

Guest Speaker Magistrate Gloria Augustus commended the students for their completion of the programme and advised them to keep up the standards of the skills they have learnt.

She said these students have been taught a marketable skill, which they must now use to their advantage in securing employment for themselves if they are not currently employed.

Magistrate Augusts urged the students to keep focused as the road of success will not be travelled without a puncture or two, but they must pick up themselves and continue.

Mrs. Hyacinth Ducreay

She said once they work to the best of their abilities they will make it and word of mouth is one of the best ways of advertisement. Therefore all jobs they are employed on they must work beyond expectations.

The students all received their certificates with smiles on their faces as they came to an end of the programme.

Two principle youth organisations in Dominica are currently implementing the A GANAR programme, the Centre where Adolescents learn to Love and serve (CALLS) and the Dominica Youth Business Trust (DYBT) of the Youth Division.

This new year we will see two new organisations actively implementing the A GANAR Programme, they are the Social Centre and the Prisons.

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