“A holistic approach needed to combat criminality” – Inspector Weekes

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Claude Weekes is reiterating the importance of accord in combating the issue of criminality on the island.


Inspector Weekes said that while the Government of Dominica and other agencies are partnering to reduce the level of crime on the island, Dominicans should also play their part.


He made this appeal at a youth panel discussion held at Bath Estate on July 6th.


“The traditional values that were there many years ago has been obliterated and thrown out of the window. I believe now as it were we are shunning our responsibilities as adults, family and other social agencies in the Commonwealth of Dominica. What we are trying to say in a nutshell is that all must play their part in minimizing the impact of criminality on the island” said Weekes.


Inspector weekes also called on Caribbean leaders to implement stringent measures to curb the trafficking of drugs, as in recent times, the Caribbean has been labeled as a trans-shipment point for larger countries.


“Caribbean leaders must put security issues on the front burner. It is not business as usual. The availability of resources should also be made to law enforcement agencies and other agencies to combat criminality…we must have the required resources to tackle the issue”, Weekes stressed.

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