A life of Public Service

John Fabien

John Fabien lived a life of public service, primarily in health.

Since leaving high school, Mr. Fabien has been in the public health services as a sanitary inspector, later known as Health Inspector.

John Fabien died on Friday June 22nd, 2012.

Mr. Fabien grew up in Bense and first worked in the Vielle Case area as a sanitary inspector, where he remembers walking through valleys and up mountains to get to peoples homes to talk to them about sanitation, at which time no one had toilets.

At that time people saw health as only something for medical personnel.
But Mr. Fabien made it clear that what changes people’s health statuses is the public health measures that are taken to fix the problem.

It has been a challenge to get Dominica to its current level in health care.
His thirst to better himself helped in his advancement in the public service by taking every opportunity that arose in his field, to further his education.

One of his favorite sayings is that “You must bloom where you are planted”.

Mr. Fabien has gone from being Sanitary Inspector to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, to Minister of Health, and later Parliamentary Representative for the Grandbay Constituency.

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