A new day is dawning for SMA class of 2011


The class of 2011, is the 34th graduating class from the St Mary’s Alma Mater (SMA) High School.

“Yesterday is gone, a new day is dawning”, was the theme under which 56 SMA students celebrated their graduation on Friday 24th June, 2011.

In congratulating the young men of SMA, the Principal Mr. Cuthbert Elwin commented that their presence was not an accident, but a result of hard work and the development of gifts from God.

Chief Education Minister the Honorable Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth, urged the graduates to see this day as a land mark as they climb the ladder of success, with great heights to reach and to continue their education.

In his valedictory speech, Mr. Denzel Guye, commented that they had much to be thankful for, having been nurtured by the great teachers and exceptional Principal of SMA, from whom they have received much more than just academic knowledge.

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