A new facelift for the vending area on the river bank are among the RCC developmental plans


Councilor Regina Walsh is calling on the citizens of Roseau to play their part and remain committed to the cause of the Roseau City Council, as she disclosed some of the Councils developmental plans. Miss Walsh made this appeal at the Councils’ 4th Annual Awards Ceremony, which was held at the Arawak House of Culture over the weekend under the theme ‘Acknowledging and celebrating positive achievements.’


She said ‘together with Central Government a new facelift will be given to the vending area at the Riverbank.’


“Despite the many challenges the Council will remain steadfast and focused in ensuring that the city remains clean. As a matter of fact the reevaluation of properties in the City has already begun the Beau Bois, Fortune, Citronaire and Kingshill.”


Miss Walsh said that getting persons involved in Sports are among their priorities. At present there is the Mayor’s Domino League and soon to come on stream is the Roseau City Rounders and Football Leagues.


In conclusion she said ‘the Council welcomes and sincerely thanks those who make it a point of duty to pay their rates as she called on those who have not seen it fit to do so, to pay their rates since it is only by doing so, that the Council can carry out their mandate in providing the services which are constantly being demanded.’

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