A ‘Positive’ Outcome to the “Blessing after Blessing Concert”

on stage

Joel “Positive” Murray on stage at the Harlem Plaza

In an attempt to raise funds for the completion of the Loubiere Resource Centre, a concert was organized to take place at the Harlem Plaza, on Friday April 4th, 2014.

The well attended event drew the presence of mainly young people from all across the Island, in what some describe as an “epic” experience.

The concert featured several local artistes and bands including, DJ Alfy, God Sent, Sanctified, Sernel and special guest artiste, Joel “Positive” Murray from Trinidad & Tobago.

With his unique ’one-drop’ reggae singing style, Positive rapidly moved up the charts of the Gospel Hits in the Caribbean and beyond.

The rise to the top however, was not all positive and presented its fair share of obstacles.

During the show the artiste divulged some personal information with the crowd that could touch even the hardest of hearts.

Joel "Positive" Murray

Joel “Positive” Murray

“My sister died from meningitis in the year 2003, my mom died from cancer in the year 2007…he told the crowd.”

According to the artiste he almost lost his own life in 2011 but with God as his support system he is here today.

In an exclusive interview with SAT he divulged his love for Dominica and the extra energy that he felt from the crowd during his performance.

The experience was excellent in Dominica he said, adding that “the entire Caribbean was really energetic but I think Dominica has a special energy and I really love it here”.

To date Positive has performed in several countries including; Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Costa Rica, St. Vincent, Jamaica, the United States and Trinidad & Tobago.

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