A Word of Advice


With the New Year just around the corner and a long weekend filled with activities and social gatherings, the Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Police Force, Inspector Claude Weekes is advising the public to be mindful of evil activities.


He says while taking part in the celebrations, the general public should keep in mind the number of persons taken to court and dealt with, as a result of the several violent incidents occurring over the Christmas weekend.


Inspector Weekes paid special attention to the youth and implores young persons to obey the laws since they are the ones who frequent the court.


According to Inspector Weekes, the Police Force will continue to make strides in efficient curbing of crime and enforcing the Laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica.


The Dominica Police Force is stepping into the New Year with a forward thinking approach. The Police Force will be strengthened with newly trained officers in January.

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