Aaron Hamilton: An Inspiration to the Youth


Aaron’s Paintings

36 year old Concord Resident, Mr. Aaron Hamilton, is considered to be an inspiration to the youth – young artists in particular, across the Island.

He is a natural artist in all aspects. Some of his skills include: painting, song writing, singing and drawing.

Although Mr. Hamilton enjoys all of his natural talents, he prefers to paint.

Mr. Hamilton, who is currently a temporary employee at the Old Mill Cultural Centre and a Seventh Day Adventist, said interest in music developed from his church.

“When I look at art I see everything- the world’s view”, he noted.

The support from the public is very limited for the artist.

He said, sometimes, this is as a result of the individuals’ drive. Each individual has a different drive, he said.


Aaron’s Paintings

The multi-talented artist informed SATNews, that recently he has been more interested in music writing.

Mr. Hamilton advises that ignoring negativity is the best technique, for artists who are interested in taking their skills further.


Multi-Talented Artist, Mr. Aaron Hamilton

“Some may tell you being an artist is not a real job, however, if this is where your passion lies, go for it.”

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