Access Dominica Conference Gets on the Way

Director of Tourism: Colin Piper

Discussions are on the way as stakeholders from various sectors in the tourism industry all gathered at the Fort Young Hotel for a 2 day conference.

The conference which is titled “Access Dominica” was done to address issues and the ways in which access to Dominica can be improved.

Director of Tourism Mr. Colin Piper in his presentation, pointed out the ways to get to Dominica via air and sea, which he says is not adequate to getting the large numbers of tourist to the country so they can spend and boost the economy.

He also highlighted the rich diverse culture of Dominica and why it is perfect as a Tourism destination hence the reason for it being deemed “The Nature Isle of the Caribbean.”

He also mentioned that access to Dominica especially before and leading up to the World Creole Music Festival provides a tough challenge, which once resolved will show an increase in the number of visitors to the country during this time.

He added that these people are adventure seekers, frequent travellers and environmentally responsible people, which are very important to target to visit Dominica.

He says often times they give great reviews and encourage others to travel to the countries they have been to.

Looking back on 2011, 65% of visitors to Dominica arrived by air, while 35% arrived by sea, illustrating the importance of easy access and needs to be constantly improved and made easier.

The diaspora markets are very important as it represents 17.3% of these travellers, while leisure and domestic travel represents 32% each, which are all critical components of clients for the airlines and visitors to Dominica.

Tourism Minister Honourable Ian Douglas says, this is a very important conference to address the critical issue of access to Dominica.

He says if Dominica wants to grow as a tourism product we must address this critical issue of access with a hands-on approach.

Mr. Douglas added that the Ministry of Tourism will be updating the tourism master plan, where more realistic statistics will be developed to go with the current global financial crisis.

Once articulated all will appreciate the general strategy of the approach put forward by the consultants, as a practical option which will offer the destination some immediate solutions.

The Tourism Minister says he hopes that the objectives will be met at the end of this conference.

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