Accident In Dublanc

It was a lucky day for one Young lady as she almost lost her life in a tragic car accident which occurred in Dublanc on Monday 20th  at around 2:45pm.

Owner of the premises Ms. Josepha Charles says that she was on an errand when she received a phone call stating that her house cleaner almost lost her life, as well as her premises being damaged.

When Ms. Charles arrived at her premises, she found that her front wall was broken down and her premises was surrounded by the public.

Her cleaner was in so much of a terrified state, that she was unable to give any statements.

Ms. Charles mentioned that this is not the first time this is happening and In fact this is the third occasion.

Josepha Charles (left)

She informed Sat TV that the first time it was a car, the second a bike now its an ambulance.

Ms. Charles says what frustrates her most is that, she has to do the repairs from her own pocket and this is beyond unfair.

The Dublanc Resident is hoping to receive some help to repair her damages as well as urging drivers to be careful.

Update: Traffic Collision at Dublanc

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