Accident in Goodwill

One elderly man was transported to the Princess Margaret Hospital early on the morning, of Saturday June 30th, following a vehicular accident on the Pottersville Highway.

The victim Mr. Rudolph Pond of Goodwill says, he was on his way to work just after 5am, when the incident took place.

He says that he was coming down from Goodwill Road, in the vicinity of DBMC and stopped on the stop line.

He said and I quote, “the road was clear so I drove off and out from nowhere a car just hit me with a speed,” end quote.

Mr. Pond’s Suzuki Escudo jeep registration number PJ159, was hit on the right hand side, near the back door as he had almost complete driving out from the stop line.

He also added that if he did not have his seat belt on, he would have been injured badly or could have been killed, as he was hanging out of his vehicle during the violent impact.

He complained of right side pains, and his movement is limited as it is painful when he moves.

The driver of the Honda Integra registration number PE053, which collided with Mr. Pond’s jeep, Mr. Rene Peter of Castle Comfort says that, he was driving down from Mahaut at the time of the accident.

Mr. Peter says when the jeep cut across him, although pressing his brakes firmly to avoid the collision, it was too late and there was nothing else he could do to avoid the accident.

He added that it was good that no one was seriously injured in this unfortunate incident.

Although both vehicles received serious damage from the collision, the Honda Integra got the worst of it all.

Investigations into the accident continues.

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