Accident in Pond Casse


Accident in Pond Casse

Six individuals were rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) following an accident which occurred in Pond Casse on Thursday May 3rd at about 3pm.

Reports are that, a Nissan passenger bus registration HE 533 from the Kalinago Territory over turned in the Williams area in Pond Casse while on its way to Roseau.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that, the driver of the bus was ejected following the collision.

The occupants of the bus suffered multiple injuries, however the extent of their injuries are unknown at this point.

The incident attracted a number of onlookers, who also aided the Fire and Ambulance Personnel in removing the occupants of the severely damaged bus.

SAT News will provide an update on this accident as soon as more information becomes available.

  • Doralph

    I think the people of the ‘East’ should reflect the level of wisdom that history associates them with. In other words, if wise men really comes from the east, then why can’t the people of that region exercise more care when traveling on Pond Casse’s dangerous roads? Norran and Kurt just lost their lives—and now six more nearly perished? I believe the government should begin to post signs along Dominica’s roads such as: ‘Dangerous Bend Ahead’ and ‘Roads Slippery When Wet.’ I think these signs will remind drivers of the dangers ahead.

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