Accident In Woodbridge Bay

Three people were injured in an accident which occurred at Woodbridge Bay on Friday May 4th. Acting Public Relation Officer Mr. Wayne Letang explains.


Mr. Letang indicated that six victims were involved however, only three of them were injured. Driver Mr. Francis Laronde and Passenger Cecilia Laronde from the village of Concord suffered from minor injuries as well as Driver of one of the vehicles Mr. AJ Rolle.


He says all three victims were rushed to the Princess Magarete Hospital (PMH) however they have been released.


Mr. Letang advises all road users to be cautious when driving. He believes it is vital that drivers and riders are aware of the danger that they put themselves in as well as the public when speeding.


He says that the road is not a race- track therefore; road users should respect the speed limits.

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