Accident in Woodridge Bay

Three persons were rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), following a vehicular accident on the highway just outside of the Public Works building in the morning on Friday April 13th.


accident-pottersville-642x481.jpgThe accident involved a Toyota Corolla car registration number 4287, and a Nissan Urvan Bus registration number HE041.


Reports are that the car was travelling towards Roseau, whilst the bus was waiting to go up to Stock Farm, when the collision took place.



Eyewitness reports are that the car was travelling at a very high rate of speed, which could not be stopped quick enough to avoid the unfortunate collision.


The driver of the bus Mr. Terry Sandy, also confirmed the report that the car was travelling very fast at the time of the accident.


Mr. Sandy says the driver of the car panicked and smashed on the brakes of his vehicle, which left long skid marks on the road as he lost control of the car before colliding with the bus.


Two passengers of the bus received injuries as a result of the collision.


Mr. Sandy says he did not suffer any injuries although the car hit his bus on the driver said.

The driver of the car suffered a broken leg, and Fire and Ambulance Personnel had to cut the front and back door of the driver side to free him from the wreck, and was then transported to the PMH for further medical attention.


Although both vehicles were extensively damaged, the car was damaged much more than that of the bus.


The driver of the car was the only occupant in the car when the accident took place.


The incident also caused a back log of traffic, until traffic officers came on the scene to direct traffic to continue the flow.

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