Accident on Kalinago Territory bus stop

A two month old baby, had to be rushed to the hospital, following a vehicular accident, which occurred on the Kalinago bus stop, on Monday February 20th.


An eye witness reported, the incident which occurred just before 3pm, when a blue nissan urvan bus registration number he070, was reversing to exit the bus stop.


In reversing the Nissan bus was struck from behind, by a Toyota coaster bus registration number hb515, who was travelling in a northerly direction.


The impact resulted in, the back and side glass of the Nissan bus shattering, and injuring a two month old baby, who was a passenger on the bus.


The front of the Toyota bus, was also damaged from the impact.


The flow of traffic was restored, after police officers came on the scene, and took control of the situation.


Further information is unavailable at this time, however sat tv news will provide you with an update, on this incident, as more information becomes available.

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