Accordion Workshop comes to an End


French facilitators of the workshop

The Alliance Francais Accordion Workshop came to an end on Friday July 12th, as a closing ceremony was held at the Old Mill Cultural Centre to congratulate and award the participants.

The participants included children of various age groups as well as teachers.

Mr. Lawrence said that teachers who participated in the workshop are expected to pass on what they have learned to students at their schools.

Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence, commended the St. Lucia French Embassy and the Alliance Francais for the funding of this workshop.

For the past 10-15 years, the Cultural Division has conducted Jing Ping-Creole workshops Island-wide.

Mr. Lawrence added that several Dominican groups emerged from these Island-wide workshops.


Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence

He urged the participants to take what they have learnt further and to participate in Dominica’s Cultural activities in regards to accordion music.

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