Achievement Learning Centre Host Fund Raising For Autism

Sat Telecoms2014-04-22-20h22m23s154As part of Autism Awareness Month observed in April, the Achievement Learning Centre on Saturday April 19th 2014 hosted a walk, through the streets of Roseau, in addition to an educational session.




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Ms. Beverly Leblanc, Director of the Achievement Learning Centre stated, it was fitting that the school observe Autism Awareness Month, since they cater for children with special needs and currently have six special needs students in their full time programme.

She noted one of the challenges she face is getting children with autism involved in structured activities, which results in a combination of good and bad days for learning.




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The Director noted, working with children with autism is a process of trial and error, and teachers always have to come up with new ways to get the students to learn.

Mr. Eddie Henry, who is the parent of a 9 year old autism child who attends the Christian Union Primary School (CUM), stated, it is difficult raising a child with autism as many schools do not accept such children, hence the reason his son only got accepted into school at the age of 7.




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Mr. Henry noted, unlike normal children who acquire social skills while they grow, such skills must be taught to a child with autism and one must be dedicated to do so, in addition to being very patient.

With such training he added, autism children can be similar to that of a normal child.










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