Acting Chief of Police describe a recent attempted murder incident as an attack on Law Enforcement

Acting Chief of Police, Cyril Carrette has described an attempted murder and arson incident which occurred in River Estate on January 23rd, 2011, as an attack on Law Enforcement Officers and citizens of Dominica.


Carrette told a police press conference on Tuesday that the incident which jeopardized the lives of senior financial investigator corporal Patrick George and his family, is a serious matter that should be dealt with promptly.


He cautioned the perpetrators that such crimes will not deter the police in fulfilling its mandate in ensuring that law and order is maintained in Dominica.


Carrette is appealing to anyone who may have information about the persons who are responsible for such crimes, to break the culture of silence and speak out.


In other news, Carette also confirmed that investigations are continuing into a report of death threats made by the former prime minister of Dominica, Honorable Edison James.



According to him, the police is pursuing the investigations with due professionalism, but to date, have been unsuccessful in acquiring a statement from Mr. James.

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