Acute Psychiatric Unit Hosts Talent Show

Dr. Griffin Benjamin

Dr. Griffin Benjamin

The Community Mental Health Team, on Sunday January 12th, hosted its 13th annual Acute Psychiatric Unit (APU) concert at the Acute Psychiatric Unit of the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

This event is held each year to encourage, support and motivate persons with mental illnesses and to sensitize the public in an endeavor to decrease the stigmatization towards these persons.

Dr. Laura Esprit Coordinator of the event says the concert as always was a great success and noted the work of the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the staff at the APU.


Performers at the event

Performers at the event

Ms. Esprit says mental illness does not discriminate against race, age, religion or income but the good news about it is that recovery is possible.

Meanwhile, Dr. Griffin Benjamin, Doctor at the PMH says, there was an increase of patients admitted to the Unit in 2013 and although it is reason for sadness they are happy that persons are coming forward.

He said staff at the Unit are quite proud too, that Dominicans have confidence in their service and feel comfortable seeking help there.

He noted also that many of the staff members have upgraded their skills.




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