Adenauer Douglas expresses concern over encroachment on Benjamin’s Park


Former Mayor of Portsmouth Mr. Adenauer Douglas has embarked on a campaign to draw attention to the placement of a monument of his brother Roosie Douglas at the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth.


The former Mayor’s concern is that there had been specific development plans for the particular area of the Benjamin’s park where this monument which is already under construction will be placed.  

He says around October last year, he noticed a concrete structure on the southwestern corner of the Benjamin Park, which he understood was the stand for a Rosie Douglas’ bust.  


However, he says while he is very heartened that a bust is being erected for Rosie whom he considers as a national hero, he believes that the location isn’t suitable for such a monument.

According to Mr. Douglas, the Benjamin Park which is already too small to accommodate the recommended recreational needs of many is the sole outdoor recreation facility serving central Portsmouth, Zicack, Glanvillia and Lagoon.  


He says it is public knowledge that the present hard-court on the northeastern corner of the park, which is being used for netball, basketball, and volleyball, is insufficient to service these three sports.  


This situation was recognized when the park was overhauled and the southwestern corner of the park - from the cricket field to Halifax Street was reserved for additional hard courts, specifically for netball, basketball, volleyball, and tennis.  

Mr. Douglas further stressed that the uptick of crime in Portsmouth can be traced to the period when the Benjamin’s Park was not usable.  


He says Rosie, an avid sportsman, made the rehabilitation of the Benjamin’s Park a top priority of his administration, and certainly would not have sacrificed the playing area for his bust.


And so, he believes that it is imperative that this bust placement process in the Benjamin’s Park should be halted and an alternate site should be used for this memorial, probably in a designated heroes’ park. 

Douglas who is also a councilor also stated that there was no consultation with the council on the placement of this “bust”.


He says he has openly expressed his disgust at the manner in which the matter has been handled by the persons who have sought to place the monument in this location.

Whereas the monument is already under construction he s of the opinion that it is not too late to have it moved to another location, a move that he says he will support!

“Don't Squeeze Rosie in the Corner !!!,” he says.

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