Adolescent Skills Graduation


44 students received certificates at the graduation ceremony of the Adolescents Skills Training Programs (A.S.T.P), Partnership in Opportunities for Employment through Technology in the Americas (P.O.E.T.A), and From offending to Achieving (F.O.T.A) programs, at the Social Center on June 4th.

Under the theme, “Changing lives for a better tomorrow”, the A.S.T.P Coordinator, Lionel Lowe says that as part of the school year the students had talks about how to better prepare them for the job market.

Students were also given the opportunity to visit various businesses to gain experience in the working environment.

F.O.T.A Coordinator, Mr. David Toussaint says it has been his honour to work with the students who have successfully completed the FOTA program.

The program funded by UNICEF and administered by the Social Center in collaboration with Social Welfare Division and the Magistrate of Juvenile Court started in October 2006.

Classes included those in wood work, agriculture, computing, CCSLC Maths and English.

As a result of the program’s efforts, many of the participants sent on probation have successfully fulfilled the requirements and been reinstated into society, some of which are fully employed and not relapsed into criminal activity.

Students were presented with their certificates for the various programs.
Social Center Coordinator, Ms. Norma Cyrille hopes that they at the center have created a positive impact on those lives that they were privileged to touch.

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