Adolescent Summer Camp 2012

An Adolescent Summer Camp is being held at the Salisbury Health Centre from the 13th to 17th of August.

Young persons from 1st to 3rd forms are invited and various professionals will speak on different issues.

It is also in an effort to stop the stigmatization of HIV/AIDS.

Peace Corps Volunteer, Erin Sozansky, is assisting Ms. Moses with the Camp.

She has helped to find some of the speakers and getting the children to come on board.

She thinks it is an incredible programme that most villages should have.

The District Nurse says on Wednesday they will speak on the constitution and rights of the young persons.

Health Educator- Angela Desabaye

Angela Desabaye, Health Educator of the HIV/AIDS Response Programme, has welcomed the discussions surrounding the students’ sexuality and sexual health.

She says from programs she has done in the past, issues related to sex constantly arise.

They are looking forward to the students being more aware of themselves and practicing self worth.



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