Adult Education Month 2012

September is Adult Education Month and this year the Adult Education Division has planned a number of activities.

The celebrations began several years ago as a week of activities, and have grown into an entire month with special emphasis on developing communities and mobilizing persons to participate fully in the programs offered by the Adult Education Division.

Field Supervisor at the Adult Education Division, Ms. Francisca Joseph says they already began the activities with a church service, and on Wednesday 5th September they will have a National Exhibition on the ground floor of Government Headquarters from 9 am.

Over 300 persons who participated in Continuing Education, literacy and skilled programs, will receive certificates on the 19th of September, at the Arawak House of Culture.

A new program called Battle of the neighborhood will begin, where members go to various communities to ensure that persons get involved in the programs available to them.

They will also have a number of open days in which the Ministry of Health is involved.

As a result of capacity building training that has been done in the north, a group called The Northern Avocacy was launched.

Reading and Spelling competitions will also be part of the activities. There will also be a hike on 4 segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail on the 29th of September.

The program is geared towards persons 15 years and older who are out of high school and wish to upgrade your skills.

Many persons who did programs at the Adult Education have gone on to be teachers, bankers and nurses. Persons who are unable to read and write can also participate in these programs.





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