Afflicting Grievous Bodily Harm and Sexual Offences Dominates Criminal Assizes

court3.jpgAfflicting grievous bodily harm and sexual offences, dominated the cause list at the High Court of Justice, during the September 2013 Criminal Assizes.

Two men, on Wednesday September 18th, pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse to minors.

Justice Bernie Stephenson ordered a pre- sentencing report and a psychological evaluation of Carlos Charles, age 23, after he pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, on February 13th 2011.

His sentence was adjourned to October 14th 2013.

Ashley Marcellin, pleaded guilty to assaulting Maurice Pierre at Penville, on September 13, 2012, but not guilty to causing Pierre grievous bodily harm.

The state however, withdrew the charge of causing grievous bodily harm and proceeded with the assault matter, a pre-sentencing was ordered and the matter was adjourned for October 14th 2013.

Two burglary trials are also scheduled to be dealt with during this assizes.

The 2009 matter involving Steve Pond, who is accused of stealing EC$47, 908 worth of items, from an individual residing in Goodwill, will be tried on November 18th 2013.

The trial of Ronald Auguiste and Liston Lowe, who have been jointly charged with burglary and handling stolen goods, will be conducted on November 4th.

Dael Guiste, who was charged for the death of Theresa Degallerie, between May 8 and June 8 2009, after she was struck by the truck he was driving on the Goodwill road, pleaded not guilty and trial was set for October 3rd 2013.

The trial of Benoit Rockson Guiste, who was also charged with reckless driving, will be conducted in October 2013.

He was charged with causing death by reckless driving, following the death of a twelve year old girl at Pond Casse, when the bus he was driving overturned.


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