AFSCOD Walk-A-thon Carded For July 31


Mrs. Hearle Lancelot, chairperson of the Association for Senior Citizens of Dominica (AFSCOD) is appealing to the general public to support the Walk-A-Thon organized by AFSCOD carded for July 31st.


Mrs. Lancelot made a special appeal to all members of AFSCOD to attend the event as long as they are able to.


AFSCOD aims at encouraging the growth of a sector of happy, active and healthy senior citizens.


In that regard, they have organized several activities, including the upcoming Walk-A-Thon which will promote self-esteem, teamwork, togetherness, physical fitness and continuing involvement in the community.


The invitation to the Walk-A-Thon is opened to all members of the general public, especially the elderly.


Anyone who is interested in participating in the Walk-A-Thon is asked to register for the event.

Mrs. Lancelot said that she would like to see more elderly people join AFSCOD in the near future.

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