AID Bank Appreciates its Customers

Customers at AID Bank

As part of its 40th Anniversary, the AID Bank held a customer appreciation day.

The AID Bank has been in existence since 1971 and began its 40th Anniversary celebrations in November 2011.

Special Projects Coordinator, Mrs. Josephine Titre, says over the years, the bank has been dedicated to supporting Dominicans, whether with loans or in the social sector, to lend in education.

On Wednesday, October 31st, the bank showed appreciation for its loyal customers with snacks, gifts and tokens, for their many years of patronage.

They hope that this partnership continues into the future, and the customers will spread the word of their satisfaction with the Institution.

Besides helping people in distress, the bank has seen it fit to provide assistance to different sectors of the economy.

Tourism is one of those sectors and the AID Bank has funded a number of the facilities that have been developed.

Mrs. Titre mentioned that the bank is offering a special rate for businesses wishing to invest in renewable energy.

This includes wind, solar and hydro power and the bank is giving these businesses a 3.5 percent rate on loans.

The bank also gives technical support to people after they have acquired their loans, so that they know how best to use their money.

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