Aid Bank Welcomes New General Manager


Mr. Julius Corbette

After operating without a General Manager for some time, on May 7, 2013, the Agricultural Investment Development Bank of Dominica (AID Bank), welcomed Mr. Julius Corbette as their new General Manager.

Mr. Corbette who is well educated in the banking Industry, returns to his field of work following after a lengthy court battle with the Government of Dominica, after being fired from his post as General Manger of the National Bank of Dominica (NDB) in 2000.

His argument was that his dismissal was “politically motivated” and had nothing to do with his performance as General Manager following his dismissal by the NDB Board after three years in the position.

He won his case at the High Court after Judge Lewis Hunt ruled that he “was wrongfully dismissed.”

However, that decision was over turned by the Court of Appeal.

In 2009, the Privy Council cited many errors in the matter resulting in its dismissal.

Corbette will meet with the Bank’s board of Directors and Chairman Martin Charles, to review its strategic plan and to discuss other important matters.

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