AID Bank’s General Manager appeals to Gov’t to conduct regular consultation with banana stakeholders


General Manager of the Agricultural and Industrial Development Bank (AID Bank) Mr. Kingsley Thomas commended the DBPL, who in the face of the massive decline in Banana Productions in Dominica, accompanied by the hurdles to supply traditional markets in the European Union have not only aggressively pursue other marketing opportunities in the region, but have seen it appropriate to diversify. Mr. Thomas made this commendation at the Dominica Banana Producers Limited 8th Annual General Meeting, held at the IRDC Facility in Marigot, last week.



While submitting a few recommendations which he believes will assist the DBPL in achieving its goals, Mr. Thomas said that every farmer must first understand that agriculture is a business and should therefore engage in appropriate accounting practices. He added that all players in the industry should cooperate, by making hucksters a part of the association and ensure that all produces exported from Dominica are certified, packaged and shipped by the company.


“No one has all the answers to the problems which face the Agricultural Sector in Dominica or any other sector for the matter, but I strongly believe that collectively and in the spirit of meaningful corporation we can develop and implement plans and programs which will improve the lives of the farmers and substantially increase the contribution of Agriculture to Dominica Gross Domestic Product.”


He said ‘we need as a matter of extreme emergency to put in place mechanisms to regulate the export of all produces from Dominica in order to protect our markets.’


He also appealed to the Government of Dominica to consult with stakeholders in the Banana Industry before implementing any policies.

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