Air Brush Artist Looking to Open Air Brushing Studio in Dominica

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Mr. Dave Allie’s work of art

Trinidadian National now turned Dominican, Mr. Dave Allie who is a well-known Air Brush Artist, says his dream is to open his very own Air Brushing Studio in Dominica.

With this dream being fulfilled Mr. Allie stated it will provide an avenue for aspiring Air Brush Artists to learn the skill, while others will be afforded an opportunity to sharpen their skill.

The professional Air Brush Artist says he started in 1974, when he was introduced to it by a gentleman who is now deceased, who airbrushed signs and billboards for a big company.

One of the local Air Brush Artist he taught was Mr. Gerrant Guiste, who he has mentored since 2005, and wants more interested people to learn the skill.

He says it makes him very happy when he travels the Caribbean and sees work similar to his which were created by the many students he taught.

Growing up while his friends wanted to be doctors, lawyers, and policemen, he always wanted to be a well-known international artist.

The Air Brush Artist highlighted that he is proud of the fact he accomplished exactly what he envisioned as a young boy, as he is now a 37 year veteran Air Brush Artist.

However he pointed out he is talented in other areas.


Trinidadian National now turned Dominican, Mr. Dave Allie

Mr. Allie says he has air brushed a number of vehicles and other surfaces, and is currently working on the beautification of the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth.

The project which is not far from completion will require at least another week or two to design the ground of the Berth with large lovely flowers for the final product.

When completed, Mr. Allie says the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth will be a beautiful scene, where tourists and locals can use as a background for special photo moments.

He says it will also be a beautiful scene for visitors coming to the Island.

He describes the project as a labor of love, as he says he enjoys every project he works on and does all tasks with a passion like he is doing it for himself, who has a very high standard.

He pointed out that he loves the country with a passion, and would love to do any project which will continue to beautify it.

Mr. Allie says he gets his inspiration from God.

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