Alcoholism, A Major Concern for the Drug Prevention Unit


Director of the National Drug Prevention Unit, Ms. Jacinta Bannis

The National Drug Prevention Unit is disheartened by the consumption of alcohol by young people in Dominica.

This concern arises out of Drug Awareness Month, which is hosted in January.

Director of the National Drug Prevention Unit, Ms. Jacinta Bannis, says apart from other drugs like marijuana and crack cocaine, alcohol is of great concern because those who consume it do so for extended periods of time in just one day.

She says now is the ideal time to put alcohol consumption on the public health agenda.

The training of children to not consume alcohol should start very early, according to Ms. Bannis, and she says it needs to start now.

Now, there is a public outcry about the situation and Ms. Bannis is pleased with that.

She says people should not fear being criticized for standing up for what is going to ultimately kill us in the end.

She says we need to create spaces for young people to enjoy themselves without the use of alcohol.

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