Alex Bruno Challenges the Origins of Calypso & Soca Music

Alex BrunoA Tale of Two Musical Genres, a fitting title for a well-needed discussion.

Dominican playwright and soon to be author, Mr. Alex Bruno, recently presented a public lecture on the historical perspective of Calypso & Soca music at the UWI Open Campus.

The lecture served as an avenue to introduce the debate on the origins of Soca music and what a touch of culture from different Caribbean islands has added to the musical flavours of both soca and calypso music.

Mr. Bruno said the thesis is based on his own understanding and the accredited work and expert contributions by others familiar with Calypso and Soca music.

He spoke of Lord Shorty, the Godfather of Soca music and his undocumented collaborators here in Dominica. According to the playwright, Lord Shorty found the missing ingredient to his music; right her on the Island – a music that was alive long before its documented discovery.

He went on to argue that the rhythm and the overall sense of Soca, does not support the claim that it is only the fusion of chutney rhythm and calypso music.1040CD

He concluded that Soca music – manifested here in Dominica- is as much Dominica’s as it is Trinidad’s.

The discussion later ventured on to Calypso and its origins.

Persons present at the function included; Dr. Alwyn Bully, Dr. Donald Peters and Dr. Lennox Honychurch.

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