All Saints University ceremony

all-saints-uni.jpgStudents of the All Saints University were incredibly thrilled and honored to receive their white coats on April 14th.


Minister of Education Mr. Peter St. Jean believes that in time, All Saints University will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the institution is a pillar of strength and fortitude.


Mr. St. Jean is convinced that through collaboration and support at all levels; All Saints University will make an indelible mark in Dominica.


He mentioned, despite the complexities and challenges laid before the students, they will progress.

President of All Saints University Dr. Joshua Yusuf says, the University is always open to constructive criticisms.


In addition, facilities have been improved and new sites have been built in Georgia and Maryland in the US.


Dr. Yusuf feels that the students have no reason to slack now that the University has been improved.

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