All Saints University Doctor Urging Dominicans to Take Care of Health


Dean of Student Affairs at All Saints University, Doctor Ananda Kumar

Dominicans are being urged to ensure that they take all necessary measures to care for their health, as this is vital for living healthy lifestyles.

This important advice came from Dean of Student Affairs at All Saints University, Doctor Ananda Kumar as they hosted a Health Fair at the University on Saturday March 23rd 2013.

Doctor Kumar says during previous Health Fairs, it has been noticed that Dominicans neglect their health, and in turn causes an increase in the number of cases of persons diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, and kidney stones.

He cited obesity as another problem plaguing Dominicans all because of unhealthy eating habits and this needs to change.

With proper eating habits, diet and exercise, Doctor Kumar is of the view that we can work towards a much healthier population.

Doctor Kumar noted that the All Saints Health Fair is a very important event as a number of tests such as blood glucose, body mass index, vision tests, and blood pressure among others, are conducted all in the effort of screening patients before their health worsens.

He said the main idea of the Health Fair, which is conducted three times annually, is to obtain critical information from the public which proves to be vital for their studies and research, while giving back to the public as the Health Fair is free of charge.

Health Fair Coordinator Ms. Donna Dodds says the public should always make a special effort to attend their Health Fairs, especially those who struggle to meet the cost of visiting private doctors.

She also took the time to send a special thank you to all who made the Health Fair possible.

She says she is expecting a larger attendance at the next health fair, scheduled within the next four months.


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