All Saints University Health Fair

‘Taking Health to the Streets’ was the catching theme of All Saints University of Medicine “Health Fair”.

This event took place on Saturday 24th, where many people gathered for full body checkups, eye test, blood pressure chest and more.

In regards to blood pressure, they informed us that simple change in our eating habits, possibly in the form of a low-fat diet is recommended, as well as an increase in our physical activity.

Dean of Students Affairs Dr. Kumar encourages Dominicans to take part in this activity which is held every 4 months.

Dean of Students Affairs, Dr. Kumar

Dr. Kumar says the main purpose is to ensure that the citizens of Dominica are healthy.

Health Fair Coordinator Ms. Shagufta says this is an extreme opportunity for Dominicans to find out what is going on with their bodies.

She says she is pleased that the students volunteered in large numbers to make this event successful.

She believes that this is a great opportunity to get a free medical, basic medical checkup.


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