All Saints University School of Medicine Hosts White Coat Ceremony


All Saints University School of Medicine Hosts White Coat Ceremony

Dominica was certainly made proud, when the All Saints University School of Medicine held their 18th White Coat Ceremony on Saturday April 13th, where two Dominicans received top honors.

Ms. Donna Dodds who received the Valedictorian award, as well as Top and Best Overall student gave thanks to God for blessing her with the patience, strength and wisdom it took to make it thus far.

She also thanked the University for the chance to study medicine here in her native country.

Ms. Dodds advised her fellow classmates to keep focused even when things do not go as planned – Be prepared and do not ever quit she said.

She pointed out that, with the many Health Fairs hosted and coordinated by her during her time at All Saints, the students displayed skills that showed they were on their way to becoming health professionals, as they afforded many Dominicans with free health checks.

Ms. Asheibba Lloyd who earned the runner up award stated it was only through God’s grace and mercy that she and her classmates made it to this point.

She advised the students to count their blessings, and to make their blessings count, while making the best of the wonderful opportunity they are blessed with.

Minister for Health Honourable Julius Timothy noted, they will be welcomed at the Princess Margaret Hospital, as it has been a place where thousands of medical students have walked through its doors, on their way to becoming good and famous practitioners.

Minister of Education Honourable Peter St. Jean advised the students that, earning their white coats was a gift of confidence and faith in their abilities, by those who precede them in this noble profession.

He said as medical professionals society trust them and as such, they must see it as their duty to provide exceptional care.

The seven Dominicans who received their white coats are: Keevian Burnette, Donna Dodds, Darrell Federick, Asheibba Lloyd, Sylvana Shillingford, Smith Telemacque and Velma Valmond.

The White Coat ceremony marked the transition by the students from the study of preclinical to clinical health sciences.

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