All Saints University White Coat Ceremony

Valedictorian, Udongwo Effiong Ndausung

Valedictorian, Udongwo Effiong Ndausung

During the 21st White Coat ceremony of the All Saints University School of Medicine, Valedictorian, Udongwo Effiong Ndausung advised his peers to seek ‘higher powers’ if they want to be successful in their career.


A White Coat ceremony marks the transition from the study of preclinical to clinical health sciences.

Udongwo told the gathering whether a man believes it or not, whether he accepts it or not, life is spiritual.

“We always have to hold on to the one universal supreme God, who is the Lord of the Universe”, he said”





If you want to excel, if you want to progress and if you want to be the impact in your generation, Udongwo said, the “only thing I would prescribe for you is the God medicine”.

The very proud graduand urged the graduating class to remember their alma mater as they make their ways to bigger and better opportunities.

“An educated person is respected everywhere, education beats beauty and youth.”

“A foolish man will climb up the wall and kick away the ladder that helped him climb but a wise man will hold to himself everything that helped him move to the next level”.

In a graduating class of over 20 students, Undongwo received the award for Best Student and the first clinical Scholarship with a 4.0 GPA and 15 A’s.

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The second faculty Clinical Tertiary Scholarship Award went to Osara Malalasekara, who earned a 3.87 GPA while Ravimali Kolonna GPA copped the John Fabien Clinical Scholarship Award with GPA OF 3.73.


Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. John Klir, reassured the recipients that they have acquired the knowledge needed to continue to grow in the field of medicine.

“Do not make a mistake to think that after completing your last examination of your medical training you will never again have to open books and study”, he said.




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As medical professionals, he added you will continuously have to absorb new knowledge in order to keep up to date with the multiple advances and medical developments of medical science.


Five Dominicans including; Juanita Ferreira, Nesa Wade, Verna Alfred, Elizabeth George and Christiana Francis received white coats during the ceremony.

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