All Set for 2014 FIFA World Cup

2238772_full-lndAll is set for the opening match of World Cup 2014 between hosts Brazil and Croatia at the Arena de São Paulo on Thursday June 12th.

As a symbol of peace, Brazil and FIFA will dedicate a special moment prior to the kick-off of the opening match.

Following the pre-match protocol and the coin toss, players and officials will meet around the centre circle, where they will release the three doves into the sky.

This symbol of peace will mark the official opening of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The huge global excitement is reflected by the unprecedented number of ticket requests, with more than 11 million received to date for about 3.1 million available tickets.

Overall, 60% of the tickets were bought by Brazilians and 40% by fans from the rest of the world.

The FIFA World Cup™, which will be viewed all over the world, and will be aired live on SAT TV’s channel 3 from 4:00 pm.

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