Allan Severin of Wallhouse Charged With Possession of Cannabis

One young man learned a valuable lesson to stay away from drugs, after he was caught with an illegal one.

Mr. Allan Severin of Wallhouse, who appeared before Magistrate Ossie Lewis on Tuesday July 10th was charged with possession of cannabis, which he pled guilty to.

According to the facts of the case read by Police Prosecutor Inspector Innocent Toussaint, on Friday July 6th, the Police Task Force Department was on a mobile patrol in the community of Wallhouse.

At 8:15 pm, the officer was passing through an area, when they noticed three men sitting on a wall, while passing an officer noticed the defendant throw a clear plastic bag over the wall, which raised their suspicion.

The officer approached Mr. Severin, and informed him of what he noticed, and then conducted a search of the area below the wall, where he found the clear plastic bag with what looked like cannabis.

When questioned about the finding, Mr. Severin said, “Officer, the weed that in that is not good weed”.
He was then cautioned of the offence and arrested.

His lawyer Dawn Yearwood Stewart in mitigation argued that, her client was a first time offender, and he cooperated with the police and pled guilty to not waste the court’s time.
She also added her client got the weed from someone, which was to be used to relieve some stress that he was going through.

His attorney also pointed out to the Magistrate that since being arrested on Friday July 6th, her client was held in custody for a long time before any charge was made against him, which was like being punished already for having such a small quantity of cannabis.

It was only 14 grams for personal use and not for sale.

Mr. Severin was fined $250 to be paid no later than August 15th, 2012 or in default spend 3 weeks in prison.
Before leaving the court, Magistrate Ossie Lewis told the young man, “take this experience as a lesson learnt, and do not get involved in drugs anymore”.

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