Always Be Prepared; Fire Officers Receive Training in Search and Rescue

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The participants of the programme are pleased to be part of such a programme and think that it will help them to do their job more efficiently as fire officers.

Leading fire officer, Mr. Alvan Bellot, explained that it is not only fire officers who need to be trained in areas concerning disaster preparedness. He did mention that the fire services have conducted several workshops and training sessions where people are taught first-aid among other things.



Director of the workshop, Mr. Anthony Williams, says that it is important that the fire officers be well trained, especially as we are in the hurricane season.



He advises the public to take heed of the directions of the Office of Disaster Management, as they are trying their best to ensure that Dominica is prepared should a disaster occur.



He said that he has seen an improvement, in terms of how prepared Dominica has been over the years for disasters. However, the improvement is by only a small percentage and much more can be done.


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