Alwin Bully Calls for Calypso Association Rules and Guidelines

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Former head of the Carnival Organizing Committee, Mr. Alwin Bully.

Calypsonians releasing their songs late in the calypso season, worked towards their disadvantage.

This was one of many observations made by, former head of the Carnival Organizing Committee, Mr. Alwin Bully.

He said when this is done, the public do not get adequate time to understand the message in the song, and as a result they cannot relate to it.

Mr. Bully said the need for more time for Calypsonians to prepare for the Calypso season is something that the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA), needs to look at for Calypso 2014 and beyond.

Mr. Bully stated the DCA needs to help the Calypsonians in marketing their songs, while making the necessary changes to promoting Dominica, regionally and internationally.

He said this needs to be done in the form of live music, compact discs, and other recordings.

Mr. Bully revealed that, just like Calypso music, Boyoun music has great potentional outside of Dominica once marketed properly.

With our Boyoun bands gaining access to the Bajan and Trinidadian markets, he is of the view that they can enjoy international success just like Calypso.

This is vital he said and if Calypsonian the Hunter, decided to pursue legal action against the DCA for the incident, they would be in a difficult position.

Though Hunter decided to step down before the Association made their decision, after the footage was reviewed.

Mr. Bully mentioned that the DCA has no rules or regulations as to what the Calypsonians can and cannot use at competitions.

Efforts to reach the President of the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA), Mr. Kelly Williams for comment proved futile, but SAT NEWS will provide an update as soon as contact is made.

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