Alwin Bully Speaks on Improving Dominica’s Carnival

Alwin Bully

Former head of the Carnival Organizing Committee, Mr. Alwin Bully

In order to move forward and in an effort to improve our carnival product says, former head of the Carnival Organizing Committee, Mr. Alwin Bully, documentation of all events during the carnival season, is one important aspect we need to look at.

Mr. Bully mentioned that young children should be kept in mind when revelers choose outfits for Carnival.

He stated, there are nice costumes and lots of people coming out for carnival, but there should be a clear line between funny, sexy, and vulgar and in some cases, some people mix the three.

You then get inappropriate behavior especially in front of children.

We have to be aware of what we do in the presence of children he advised.

Mr. Bully stated that, although the television companies do a good job in their coverage of carnival events, more needs to be done to create a historical archive especially for events such as the Calypso shows.

He is of the view that, after the event there has been a problem for far too long in retrieving information about the carnival.

He said there is no need for Calypsos to be buried alive in Calypso cemetery, because music is everlasting.

The lyrics of the Calypsos should be published on the internet along with the Calypsonian, and the writer of the song, for all individuals involved to be praised for their hard work.

Mr. Bully said these people have done tremendous work, during their participation and while preparing for these shows they should not be forgotten afterwards.

In regards to Calypso shows, where there are 10 participants and only 4 can place, the others who may have great songs should be recognized in other ways.

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