An abattoir to be built in Dominica soon

Plans are underway for the construction of an abattoir in Dominica; an industrial facility where animals will be processed for consumption as food products.


This pronouncement was made by the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr Samuel Carette during a feeds workshop for pig and poultry farmers on July 15th, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the East Caribbean Flour Mills Limited.


Mr Carette said that funds have already been allocated for the abattoir.


“There is a commitment, the policy framework exists and there is some action that has already taken place. But beyond that the Ministry of and the government will undertake the erection of an abattoir, which we will build some time this year or in the future, as soon as we can get the land out of the way, we will build a modern state-of-the-art abattoir for the poultry and pork subsector in Dominica,” said Carette.


Mr Carette said that this workshop will create an opportunity for pig and poultry farmers to become independent and contribute to food security.


“We consume a lot of meat in Dominica but a lot of it is produced locally but much more is imported, that’s like $12,000 million to $14,000 million annually. So, there is an opportunity for us to be self-sufficient in poultry and pork and also to improve our food security. So more and more we are paying more attention to eating good quality foods and I think we have the capacity in Dominica to produce these type of foods and to ensure that we live healthy and fulfilling lives,” said Carette.


The one-day workshop, which was attended by over 50 livestock producers was facilitated by Dr George Wesoloski of Caribbean Feed Consultants Incorporated based in North Carolina USA. Topics covered during the workshop included feed quality, good farm practices and livestock production.

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