Another Centenarian


The Fountain Of Youth seems to be in the heart of the country as Dominica continues to produce centenarians as Josephine Henry of Mahaut celebrated her 100th birthday on December 19th.


When asked about the secret of her road to longevity, Ms Henry said that she has eaten good food her entire life and has avoided all artificial products while dedicating her life to farming.


She says the food and meat today lack substance compared to the naturally fed animals for slaughter and the fresh milk that she drank from the plantation.


Ms Henry thanked God for her gift of long life and is happy that she is strong enough to walk and be active.


She was never married but gave birth to her only child, Cecelia Anthony, eighty years ago. Cecelia says the family does their best to be there for her mother.


Although Cecilia is the only child, she is a mother of ten and a grandmother of forty three children, and so, there is always someone to keep Ms Henry company.


Ms Henry’s caretaker, Janine Anthony says although she is entrusted to care for her, she only finds it necessary to cook, as Ms Henry refuses to just sit around. She says Ms Henry is extremely active and helps a lot around the house.

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