Anse De Mai Reunion

Residents of the Anse De Mai Community made it clear that they want their village to move forward at the official ceremony held on Sunday July 1st.

Chairperson of the community Mr. Joseph Williams believes that negativity needs to be avoided at all times.

Mr. Williams mentioned  that Anse De Mai has over 4 white sand beaches and many other beautiful features and this is what the residents needs to focus on.

He says he cannot do it on his own and things do not happen overnight.

According to Mr. Williams, the Government is working hard to help and improve the community however, everyone has to work together in order to see the betterment.

Minister for Agriculture & Forestry Mr. Matthew Walter  believes 2012 will be successful.

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit applauds the Chairman for the tremendous effort he has made thus far.

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